Teaching and Learning

Indie Teaching

Indie Teaching empowers anyone who wants to teach to offer courses outside of the traditional walls of schools and publishers. Here you can find learning resources and services to enable teachers to create, publish, and profit from their own online courses.

To support others in their journey as an indie teacher, I offer the following resources:

What is an Indie Teacher? - a blog post introducing what an indie teacher is, how to make money through indie teaching, and some of the suggested technology options.

Guide to Indie Teaching - a free, online book to take you through the process of ideation, validation, design, build-out, and launch of your project

If you would like to schedule a coaching, please use this link

How to Become a Professor

If you are interested in becoming a professor teaching at a college or university, I also have several resources available:

How to Become a Professor? - My book at Amazon on how to become a professor in today's competitive academic labor market.

I also have guest posted related articles at the Babb Group. The Babb Group provides a variety of services to help faculty to secure online teaching positions. These articles cover a variety of topics to answer questions about academic hiring:

I have been a teacher and administrator in higher education since 1997. I have been actively engaged in online products and services longer than that. I am particularly interested in how online media can be used as a force for good especially though greater access to learning resources. Indie Teaching is one of several projects. Having worked with 1000s of faculty, I know there are many very smart and very talented who have more to offer than they are given the opportunity to do through colleges and universities. My goal is to help them build a platform that extends their teaching and their impact. These same lessons and resources can be used by anyone with a goal to teach others.

Future of Higher Education

The current fourth industrial revolution places greater expectations for educational systems to support life long learning. At the same time, formal educational systems are being confronted by changes in demographics and technology. These changes provide both risk and opportunity for organizations that effectively plan for the future.


I have a long experience with higher education accreditation as both a peer reviewer and as an institutional accreditation officer. 

Learning Analytics

In learning organizations, learning analytics offer a data-driven approach to improve learning and performance. How do we measure learning and how do we use those metrics to improve learning and other outcomes such as learner engagement and satisfaction? Effective analytics are essential for both learning quality assurance and improvement.