What to Expect when you are Expecting a Visit from Your Accreditor

I have been a higher education accreditation peer reviewer since 2004 and have served in that role for two accreditors. I have also been an institutional accreditation liaison for three universities and supported another four universities in preparing for accreditation visits. My track record is very successful at securing glowing reviews and securing approval to add locations and new degree levels as well as removing sanctions. I also led a very successful teach-out.

As with most things in life, there are no short cuts for hard work. From the institutional side, you have to do the work required by your accreditor. That work, though, can be for nothing if you do not know how to tell your story and build a positive relationship with the accreditation staff and the visit team.

This presentation is a compilation of my advice for what to do in preparation of an accreditation visit.

When my wife was pregnant with the first of our ten children, she read the classic parent to be book "What to Expect when you are Expecting," and that title is the inspiration for the title of this presentation,