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Learning is essential for a future based on knowledge and innovation. What do you need to know to be prepared for what comes next? How do you gain that knowledge? Here you can find books and articles to help you develop the skills to realize your purpose and goals.

Should I go to College?

My goal is to help people make an informed decision about whether college is the right choice for them right now and how to make smart choices if they do go to college. The choice to go to college, where to go, and what to study is a personal decision. There are no universal answers or advice that is true for everyone. What I do is give you enough information to make informed decisions for yourself.

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Wayfinding: Agile Planning

Wayfinding is a process for agile planning that I have developed for use by individuals and organizations. 

Agile Wayfinding Overview

Origins of Agile Wayfinding


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